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Achieving Excellence in Business Operations - Lean Six Sigma
Training & Consulting

Welcome to Vector International

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In order to achieve maximum profitability in a global economy, businesses today must integrate newer, more results-driven solutions into their company infrastructure. Regardless of the specific sector or field in which an organization is operating, implementing more modified practices developed around cost reduction and market growth can lead to greater net worth, better employee performance, and greater efficiency that gives you the upper hand you need in your respective target market.

We are extremely passionate about driving business operations to new heights of excellence for our clients. Our management team of seasoned business professionals has success stories of their own and anxiously awaits the opportunity to help others achieve greater customer satisfaction, growth, and market profitability.

Companies as well as individuals have the option to choose between classroom or online instruction in Lean Six Sigma. Our clients can achieve optimized business performance and make short or long-term goals more readily attainable by utilizing the tools learned in our Lean Six Sigma courses.

Vector International firmly believes that each customer brings a cache of unique gifts to the table, and we pride ourselves on recognizing and discovering those specific traits that make a company or individual outshine the competition. By implementing our client-focused and data-driven business improvement practices into their infrastructure, our customers can experience maximized industry efficiency and achieve the kind of growth that propels them to new heights of performance excellence.

Transform your Business Performance Transform your Career

Vector offers valuable support to improvement performance initiatives. Contact us to discuss your Lean Six Sigma deployment goals or on-site training needs.


Certification in Lean Six Sigma translates to tangible contribution to an employer's bottom line. Such credentials offer significant career advantage and yield a competitive edge.
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